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There Is An Answer in Hope, LLC was Founded by Dr. Christie Phillips and Dr. Teresa Boykins in Oklahoma City. Healthcare executed with a holistic approach which, is healing the man physically, mentally, and spiritually are the driving passions of the Founders. This includes providing opportunities for a life of purpose and fulfillment for men and women whose lives have been devastated by mental health disparities, addiction, and pains of their past.

There's an Answer in Hope, LLC was established on the principle that every man and woman is allowed a sufficient amount of grace. The patient's family's support system is looking for an answer to their loved ones' changes in their mental health.

Rather explained verbally or written, there should be a solution to the patient's current situation; this is what The Founders call "An Answer." Hope is essential in the infancy stages of treatment and an empathetic response to the multifocal approach to holistic healing in Mental Wellness.